April 06, 2015

How to Find Caring Doctors

There are caring doctors open to all treatment options. Doctors who will listen to you, and not give up on finding a solution to your pain...


Locating Good Doctors
The best way to find good doctors is to get references from the doctors you already know and like. They can often recommend someone they've worked with in the past, or who attended the same medical school. Additionally, you can look up online reviews from their patients. 

Look for doctors associated with well-known hospitals who provide excellent care, like Memorial Hermann. There's a search option on their website to find a doctor in their system by specialty.

Also consider looking for doctors in the more esteemed areas of your city. The Texas Medical Center located in south Houston is the world's largest medical complex. It is filled with some of the best hospitals and doctors. Just north of Houston, The Woodlands area is also highly recommended.

Types of Pain Doctors

Finding a Pain Management Specialist is often helpful because they are the most knowledgeable on treating pain, and they are licensed to prescribe a wide range of pain medications. 

You might also need to look for other health professionals that can be apart of your pain management team such as a Neurologist or Rheumatologist. Check for experience in your particular condition.

Qualities of Caring Doctors
In addition to medical skills, to receive the best care it is important to find doctors you are comfortable with. Some qualities to look for are:


  • Takes time during appointments to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and explain things.
  • Will talk with other doctors, health professionals, or medical insurance to get you the help needed.

  • Includes you in treatment decisions.
  • Respects your opinions and choices.

  • Considers all treatment options.
  • Researches new medical advances.

  • Has appointments available in a reasonable time.
  • Provides support for concerns between appointments.

Most likely there will be some compromises to make when looking for caring doctors to treat your pain. But that doesn’t mean you should settle. You always have the option to change doctors. 

Remember, you are in charge of your healthcare.

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